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CMDS is an easy to install telemetry device that can detect cable line damage location, control the voltage and perform security functions.

Easy instalation

CMD-S is a GSM telemetry device for installing in transformer substation that, thanks to DIN strengthening standard, is easily to set up and ready to go in short period of time.

Line control

Three 220 V grid voltage control inputs allow the CMD-S to determine the presence of voltage in electrical network, detect damage or cable theft attempts.

Fault localization

By connecting cable line fault location indicators with CMD-S inputs, it can be used for remote determination of cable fault location.

A variety data transfer methods

The device is able to use various forms of data transmission – SMS/GPRS/USSD – that does not depend on the strength of GSM signal.


System server continuously receives impulses from the device that helps to monitor its performance in real time and eliminates the GSM signal attenuation.

Doors and motion sensors

Four digital inputs allow you to connect CMDS with the door and motion sensors and use them for security. If sensors are activated the data are transmitted in real time to the system server or central security control.


CMD-S built-in relay and 12V power supply allows connecting an external siren providing a security function in object.

Backup battery

In case of power interruption, built in backup battery provides CMDS telemetry devices activity for 4 hours.

Surge protection

CMDS is protected from damages caused by overvoltage with the double protection.
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