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CMD200, by using modern technologies, is monitoring infrastructure and is able to protect it from theft attempts.

Easy installation

CMD200 – GSM modem with two 220 V inputs, easy to mount on any pillar, - is overhead line transformer security and monitoring device with possibility to measure outgoing line load. Modem can be easily connected to the overhead line transformer in less than 30 minutes.


CMD200 device to communicate with the server uses GSM technology data transfer methods – GPRS, SMS, USSD – which provides data transmission and stability in areas where GSM coverage is poor.

High sustainability

The device has a high protection class – IP54. That ensures the high performance in the harshest environmental conditions, regardless of changes in temperature, dust or moisture.


Constant outgoing signal pulses to the server allow to monitor the operation of the device in real time and eliminate GSM signal damping.

Backup battery

If electricity supply is interrupted, the built in backup battery provides operation of CMD200 telemetry device for 4 more hours.

Overvoltage protection

Dual protection against overvoltage allows avoiding causing damage to CMD200 device in cases of overvoltage.
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