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“Metlink” software

With „Metlink” software user can easily and accurately read the meter measurements and enter them in a data processing system. The software reads measurements automatically or on users demand.

Control panel

“Metlink” control panel is center meter reading console. In control panel can be seen easy to use overview of the meter measurements.


„Metlink” software offers reports on meter readings and working hours, as well as an overview of the equipment operations.


Graphs allow to analyze the meter readings and to compare them. It is possible to see any period in history and save or print it.


Each alert will be sent along with the description. Alerts are displayed in the system and the user receives SMS or e-mail.
„Metlink” warns about:
  • Electricity cuts
  • Errors in meters
  • Out of standard meter readings


The software offers to split equipped areas in groups, for example, separating the center from periphery. In this way it is possible to compare consumption between the facilities or territories.


Using the API connection data from „Metlink” software can be easily and quickly transferred to any IT system, for example, accounting or billing system.
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