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Telemetry unit that allows to remotely read various types of meters from different manufacturers, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Easy to install

MET-BOX can be easily connected with different meter types (water, gas, electricity, heat) and with meters from different manufacturers.


Due to various types of data transfer possibilities (USSD/GPRS/SMS), the device may operate in areas with poor GSM signal.

Compatibility with meters

Support of different interfaces and protocols allows combining „Metlink” device with most manufacturer meters.

High level of sustainability

MET-BOX telemetry device has high protection class (IP 65) which allows using it in dusty or humid places.

Built-in battery

Built-in high capacity battery allows you to install MET-BOX in places where electricity is not available. Battery ensures operation of the device in emergency situations, when the power supply is interrupted.
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