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Reduced management costs

With „Metlink” you can read water, electricity, heat and gas meter measurements. This will reduce management costs, as there will be no longer need to check every meter.

Faster fault detection

„Metlink” will help to monitor system performance by fastly determining if in the supply system are any problems, such as leaks.


There will be no longer need for enhanced infrastructure monitoring, as the „Metlink” immediately notifies of problem by sending an SMS or e-mail.

Faster bill preparation

„Metlink” allows to receive data from the meter at the exact moment when they are needed. This will help to quickly prepare bills for energy consumption.

New services to costumer

„Metlink” remote meter reading functionality allows operator to offer new services to customers. It will be able to provide customers with regular reports on the consumed energy per month.

Convenient accounting

„Metlink” is easily connectable with any external IT system that will allow quickly and without errors enter data into accounting and calculating systems.

Meter readings without errors

„Metlink” system helps to avoid mistakes that can occur when person is reading meter measurements. Data, through secure transmission form, are sent to „Metlink” software.

Reports and graphs

Using reports in form of graphics and tables prepared by „Metlink”, it will be able to assess the situation and ensure the successful provision of services.

Data security

User information will be protected, because the access to the system is provided through the encrypted data channel according to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data security standard in the internet. Data is received through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel.
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