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How it works?
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„Metlink” - a system which, using the GSM data transmission, remotely reads and transmits energy meter measurements.

  • Remote meter reading

    By reading the meter measurements remotely there is no need for on the spot meter check up and it reduces costs and makes management much easier.
  • Compatible with almost any meter

    Modular construction of the “Metlink” device allows to read data from different types of meters — water, electricity, heat, gas and operate as a multi-energy meter data collector.
  • Graphs and reports

    The accurate reports in form of graphs and tables on the meter measurements and system performance.
  • Fault detection

    „Metlink” immediately notifies user when meter has some problems or leaks, thus helping to solve them efficiently.
  • Error-free meter reading

    Reading meter measurements automatically, it is possible to avoid human errors, thus it gives very accurate measurements.
  • Battery

    High capacity battery provides operation in areas without electricity or in an emergency situations when the power supply is interrupted.
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