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Intelligent street lightingMore

Citylight.net is a modern street lighting control and management system which allows to save money and to take care of the environment.
  • Citylight.net

    “Citylight.net” software in an easy and understandable way allows user to monitor and control street lighting.
  • C-box

    C-Box is a GSM based telemetry unit that can be easily and fast installed in existing infrastructure. The device ensures “Citylight.net” functioning by executing user’s commands.
  • C-node

    C-Node is a telemetry unit that allows controlling and monitoring each separate lamp, turning it on/off and dimming.

Remote meter readingMore

“Metlink” – a system, which is able to remotely read and transmit meter measurements by using the GPS data transmission method.
  • Metlink

    „Metlink” software offers user to overlook and analyze the energy meter measurements in transparent way and ease the maintenance of energy supply services.

    MET_BOX is a telemetry device that is able to read the meter measurements and send them to the „Metlink” softwareby using the GSM network.

Remote power grid monitoringMore

“Smart grid” telemetry solutions allow in short time to modernize and monitor any electrical power network.
  • CMD200

    CMD200 is a telemetry device for overhead line transformer monitoring ensuring protection against theft attempts and determining the load.
  • LMD100

    LMD100 is a telemetry device designed for overhead line fault localization.
  • CMDS

    CMDS is the telemetry device designed to localize damages in the cable lines and to monitor and secure transformer substations.
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