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"Teliko" Ltd. starts a test project in Brunei

20. March 2012 - Lighting

The representatives of "Teliko" Ltd. visited the capital city of Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan - in the end of last year. The meeting was held with representatives of Brunei's company which is maintaining power grids. After successful presentation, near capital city was started street lighting control system's "Citylight.net" test project.  The first phase of the pilot project was to install “Citylight.net” system’s main segment controller – C-Box - which controls three street light lines.


According to the “Teliko” Ltd. board director Ansis Skrastins, if the pilot project will be successful, the "Citilight.net" system may be implemented in the all Brunei territory. "Leading electronics company "Philips" also have made a proposal to Brunei, but we can offer almost four times cheaper solution with the same quality. One of our advantages is that our system does not need the existing lantern change," informed A. Skastins. He also pointed out that the start of test project is an important step, for the company as well as Latvia, forward Asian market uptake. 

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