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"Telemetrica" Ltd offers street lighting solutions for a lower price

14. March 2012 - Company

Company “Telemetrica” Ltd during the time of “Earth Hour” campaign reminds municipalities to take care of environment sustainability by lowering the price of the Remote street light monitoring and control system’s “Citylight.net” segment control device by 50%.


During the “Earth Hour” campaign electronics engineering and manufacturing company “Telemetrica” Ltd wants to draw the society’s attention not only to necessity to save energy, but also to reducing CO2 emissions. The intelligent street lighting management and control system “Citylight.net” help to reduce the spent kilowatt-hours and to use resources more efficiently and in the same time reduce street light system’s maintenance costs.


“Telemetrica” Ltd reduces the price of street light control system’s “Citylight.net” segment control device C-Box by 50%. During the campaign the device that can control and monitor three street light lines can be purchased only for 215 euro.  This offer is active only till 31st of March – the “Earth Hour” campaign day and only for limited number of devices.


For municipalities which already are working with “Telemetrica” Ltd and using “Citylight.net” system, we are reminding, that also this year the company in cooperation with “WWF” Latvia representatives have developed special light control program for “Earth hour” campaign.

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