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“Telemetrica” Ltd developed control and monitoring system for Kuldiga city heating systems

14. February 2012 - Company

“Telemetrica” Ltd developed control and monitoring system for Kuldiga city heating systems’ pressure and temperature control.
The system operates on the telemetry principles, that means, the device can read the heating systems’ incoming and outgoing water temperature and pressure and then send that information to the operators’ computer. By automating the process water pressure and temperature measurement readings are accurate and it possible to monitor heating infrastructure from the computer screen. It is possible to prevent the damage that may occur from excessive water pressure and there are no inconveniences for costumers.

“It was not a standard product, but a specific, directly for Kuldiga city adapted solution,” says the company “Telemetrica” Ltd board director Reinis Kula. When asked why Kuldiga heating systems applied directly to this company, R.Kula indicates that “Telemetrica” Ltd has been already cooperating with Kuldiga city with other solutions. Janis Keiss says that he is satisfied with the new monitoring system and that “it was quickly developed and appropriate solution with excellent quality”.

In the world telemetry solutions are becoming more and more popular because it helps to easily and accurately monitor existing infrastructure. Also Latvian municipalities are often choosing remote control systems and in this way save money on infrastructure monitoring and quickly fix any problems or damages.

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