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Prognosis: 100 million meters in Europe till 2016

25. June 2012 - Telemetry in the world

It has been predicted that till the year of 2020 approximately 80% of European households will be equipped with the so-called intelligent meters or intelligent meter reading systems. 


In Great Brittan, where by calculation will be approximately 40 million of the total installed devices in Europe, the government is trying to find a solution for promoting more effective electricity consumption. According to GTM, detailed usage information which is provided by intelligent meter and meter reading systems may help to achieve this target. Likewise utilities use the meters to improve their relationship with their customers. Telecommunication information and research website "Berg Insight" approves this statement adding that detailed information gives the costumer complete overview over energy consumption, which may give a stimulus for saving.


According to "Berg Insight", the adaptation of intelligent meters in Europe started in Italy and continued in the Nordic countries from which Sweden in 2009 decided to make this system as a mandatory requirement, in this way starting a new maintenance tendency in the rest of the Europe. Now Sweden is considered as the first country in the world which has reached the 100% remote meter reading option in all it's territory. Expert from "Berg Insight" predicts that in the nearest future this example will be followed by Italy, Ireland, Norway, Finland and other countries. 


"Teliko" Ltd. develops and manufactures world class automatic meter reading system "Metlink", which can remotely read information from water, electricity, heat and gas meters. "Metlink" is easily connectable with any external IT system, which allows entering data into accounting and calculating systems without errors, easing the billing process. System works as a fault detector, because it sends notifications and warnings about damages and faults in the infrastructure.

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