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Light polution: Intelligent street lighting as solution

01. June 2012 - Telemetry in the world

According to journal's "BBC News Magazine" article "Light pollution: Is there a solution?'', light pollution is not affecting just the star visibility at night (for example, only one 10th of the Great Britain's population now can see a truly dark sky. Comparatively, in 1950's almost everybody could see the Milky Way) but also leaves a serious negative impact to animal, bird and insect lives. Likewise lighting at the night may have a significant impact on humans' biological processes - brain wave activity, cells' activity etc. Light pollution arises as  unnecessary usage of lighting , for example, lantern, which should illuminate the sidewalk, is transmitting light rays to wrong direction (for example, into windows of house residents) or street lighting is burning when it is not needed. It creates unnecessary power consumption.


As the main possible solution for reducing light pollution and at the same time not making problems which are related with switching off the lighting at all, the author of  the article "Light pollution: is there a solution" mentions possibilities of intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting can rationalize power consumption because it can turn on and off by analyzing real light amount in the city, likewise it is possible to reduce light intensity by diming bulbs. In the article is mentioned possibility to turn off disturbance causing lantern by sending SMS or e-mail.


"Teliko" Ltd intelligent street lighting management and control system "Citylight.net" is an example of this kind of solution. It helps to manage the lighting infrastructure in smart way by making savings on resources and taking care of the environment. Already now street lighting infrastructure operators has a possibility to control lighting from their computer screen, receiving warning messages about faults, burnouts or any other problem.

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