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During “Earth Hour” with special “Citylight.net” program was saved 750 kWh

02. April 2012 - Lighting

According to "Teliko" Ltd.  board director Ansis Skastins for the second year during the "Earth Hour" campaign company offered municipalities to apply for a special street lighting control program that helps to reduce lighting for an hour. He pointed out that this year Lielvarde, Dobele, Auce, Vecumnieki un Vecpiebalga municipalities participated in the program, but there were also other municipalities which used street lighting control system "Citylight.net" and turned off lights themselves. 

A. Skrastins told that in those five municipalities, which participated in the program, in 55 electrical cabinets "Citylight.net" control devices were used to turn off 5000 lanterns during "Earth Hour". Turned off were only those lanterns which did not create any danger to public safety.  5000 lanterns with 150W light bulbs in one hour consume 750 kWh that is approximately 464 kg CO2 emissions (assuming that one spent kWh creates 619 grams of CO2 emissions). 

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