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Street light control system "Citylight.net" will be presented in the world’s largest lighting and architecture exhibition

17. March 2012 - Lighting

Every second years, the industry presents its latest innovations in the fields of lighting, electronics engineering and house and building automation. The main theme for this year's exhibition is energy efficiency.

At the "Light+Building" "Teliko" Ltd. will present intelligent street lighting control system "Citylight.net", which is created, developed and manufactured in Latvia. Company has created an interactive "Citylight.net" stand, specially designed for the street light control system’s presentation. Stand with a serial number K41 will be at the fourth hall. 


According to the “Teliko” Ltd. board director Reinis Kula, the interactive stand will demonstrate the operation of street light control system. It will consist of nine TV screens and continue as a street model made of real street lighting lanterns. Visitors will be able to try out the control of the street lighting by controlling the virtual and the real lanterns. "The visitors will be able to understand, how easy it is to manage street lighting with "Citylight.net" system," explained R. Kula. He explained that one of the "Citylight.net" system’s biggest advantages is energy saving; it is possible to save kilowatt hours by running street lighting at precisely calculated solar cycles.

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