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With remote meter reading it is possible to avoid costumer billing mistakes

03. February 2012 - Telemetry in the world

Heat bill accuracy may affect not only the operator bad intentions, but often also mistakes in readings and heat meter measurement recordings. These errors are considered to be human mistakes, but from them suffer costumers who are often unaware of these mistakes. In order to prevent inaccurate meter readings over the world and in Latvia are used telemetry devices that allow to read measurements remotely, automatically and accurately enter them in system.


 Telemetry, as in the 1987 in the relation with space science defined the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is a technology that allows to make measurements from a distance (remotely) using radio waves or other data transmitting types. The term is also associated with a highly automated communication process by which the measurements are made and collected data from existing remote site and sent to devices that are monitoring, making considerable and recording information. Telemetry devices are used in space science, agriculture, medicine and elsewhere.


For heat meter and other meter measurement reading is used telemetry systems, which usually consists of energy meter connected to the devices and software which receives these measurements. Telemetry device reads measurements independently or at the users’ request. Since the process is automated the data are read accurately and as such they are entered into the system. The operator of this information may be accounting software, preventing human mistake possibility. Using a software it is possible to compile reports in form of graphs and tables and if necessary to deliver reports to costumers. With these reports it is easy to explain costumers from where are coming costs in bills.


“Telemetrica” Ltd offers its own remote, automatic meter reading system “Metlink”, which can be connected with different types of meters (water, electricity, heat, gas) and different manufacturers’ meters.

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