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Prognosis: 100 million meters in Europe till 2016

25. June 2012 - Telemetry in the world

Specialists predict that till year 2016 the number of installed intelligent meters and remote meter reading devices in Europe will reach 100 million. According to "Green tech media" (GTM), the current trend shows that the USA market is slowing down, while in Europe these kind of devices as way of modernizing infrastructure is becoming more popular. (Read more)

Light polution: Intelligent street lighting as solution

01. June 2012 - Telemetry in the world

One of the nowadays ecological problems which is becoming more serious because of the world's increasing industrialization is light pollution. This kind of pollution arises from excessive or obtrusive artificial light, which is used more than it is necessary for practical purposes or it is left on when it is not needed. (Read more)

With remote meter reading it is possible to avoid costumer billing mistakes

03. February 2012 - Telemetry in the world

When reading heat meters and entering data it is possible to make mistakes that affect the bills which costumers receive. Especially in winter raises the issue of whether costumers are billed for heat properly. In meter reading everywhere in the world and in Latvia becomes more and more popular telemetry solutions to eliminate these errors. (Read more)

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