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Prognosis: 100 million meters in Europe till 2016

25. June 2012 - Telemetry in the world

Specialists predict that till year 2016 the number of installed intelligent meters and remote meter reading devices in Europe will reach 100 million. According to "Green tech media" (GTM), the current trend shows that the USA market is slowing down, while in Europe these kind of devices as way of modernizing infrastructure is becoming more popular. (Read more)

"Citylight.net" will be also used in Jaunjelgava, Madona and Saldus cities

12. June 2012 - Lighting

"Teliko" Ltd. range of customers will be supplemented by new municipalities. Lighting infrastructure with control and monitoring system "Citylight.net" will be modernised in Jaunjelgava, Madona and Saldus cities. (Read more)

Light polution: Intelligent street lighting as solution

01. June 2012 - Telemetry in the world

One of the nowadays ecological problems which is becoming more serious because of the world's increasing industrialization is light pollution. This kind of pollution arises from excessive or obtrusive artificial light, which is used more than it is necessary for practical purposes or it is left on when it is not needed. (Read more)

"Citylight.net" control devices will help to save CO2 emissions in Riga and Ogre cities

31. May 2012 - Lighting

"Teliko" Ltd. continues manufacturing of the necessary luminaire control and monitoring devices for Ogre and Riga cities within the "Rigas gaisma" project. During this project in mentioned territories sodium luminaries are being replaced with LED luminaries and together with new lamps are implemented "Citylight.net" control devices for luminaire dimming - C-NODE. Provisional results are that after improving lighting infrastructure 98 t CO2 emissions will be saved in a year. With system developed by "Teliko" Ltd. 550 luminaries in Riga and 280 in Ogre will be controlled. 

Teliko Ltd. awards winner at the "Baltic Robot Sumo" competition

14. May 2012 - Company

On May 12 at the largest robotics event in Baltic - "Baltic Robot Sumo 2012" "Teliko" Ltd. awarded winner at "Mini Sumo" category in professional's class. The strongest at this class turned out to be Guntars Trimalnieks with robot named "Mirklis". This year at "Mini Sumo" category in professional's class competed about 30 robots.

"Teliko" Ltd. award will be granted at the Baltic Robotics Competition

02. May 2012 - Company

This year "Teliko" Ltd. award will be presented in the Baltic largest robotics event "Baltic Robot Sumo 2012" on May 12. (Read more)

"Citylight.net" gained attention in the world’s largest lighting exhibition

23. April 2012 - Lighting

Representatives from "Teliko" Ltd., leading telemetry company in  Latvia, has returned from the world's largest lighting  and architecture exhibition "Light+Building" where they presented in Latvia developed and manufactured intelligent street lighting control system. (Read more)

The world's largest lighting exhibition "Light + Building" coming soon

10. April 2012 - Lighting

This week representatives of "Teliko" Ltd. will go to the world's largest lighting  and architecture exhibition "Light+building" to present Latvian made street lighting control system "Citylight.net". The exhibition will be held in Germany, Frankfurt, from April15 to 20. For those who are interested, "Teliko" Ltd. stand with serial number K41 will be at the fourth hall. You are welcome to visit it!

"Teliko" Ltd. starts implementing "Metlink" system in Jekabpils municipality

10. April 2012 - Meter reading

After winning a competition "Teliko" Ltd. have successfully started implementing "Metlink" system in Jekabpils municipality. Already nine remote meter reading system's "Metlink" control devices (MET-BOX) are installed and in the near future their number will increase by 25 devices. During this project overall 150 MET-BOX devices will be installed in territory of Jekabpils municipality. 

End of "Teliko" Ltd. sales campaign

03. April 2012 - Lighting

To encourage local authorities to think more about environmental sustainability and efficient energy usage in urban management "Teliko" Ltd. announced a campaign during which it was able to purchase "Citylight.net" segment control device with 50% discount. Till the "Earth Hour" in 31st of March, fifteen Latvian municipalities purchased 99 C-Box devices. Most of the municipalities which participated in campaign are clients of "Teliko" Ltd. and already use the "Citylight.net" system for controlling and managing street lighting. During the campaign "Citylight.net" control devices were purchased by four new municipalities which till now used other lighting control methods. These municipalities are  Madona, Saldus, Valmiera and Ikšķile. 

During “Earth Hour” with special “Citylight.net” program was saved 750 kWh

02. April 2012 - Lighting

With "Citylight.net" system five Latvian municipalities saved approximately 750 kWh and 464 kg of CO2 emissions during "Earth Hour" campaign. (Read more)

“Teliko” Ltd invites to take part in „Earth Hour” campaign

27. March 2012 - Company

“Teliko” Ltd for the second year participates in the worldwide campaign “Earth Hour” which will take place in the 31st of March from 20.30 till 21.30. Also this year company offers, for municipality’s which uses intelligent street lighting control system, to reduce street lighting by using specially designed “Earth Hour” program. “Teliko” Ltd together with WWF Latvian partner “Pasaules Dabas Fonds” reminds that by saving kilowatt hours spent in street lighting automatically are reduced CO2 emissions. One spent kilowatt hour can release in atmosphere up to 619g of CO2. Participation of the “Earth Hour” campaign is not only attitude expression, but also concern of environmental sustainability. 

"Teliko" Ltd. joins the "Eco-Office" family

21. March 2012 - Company

The "green-minded" company "Teliko" Ltd. is proud to join the Latvian "Eco-Office" project. The company is interested in environmental sustainability and tries to be nature friendly not only with their products, but also by taking care of each employee's accumulated paper. "Teliko" Ltd. believes that it is each socially responsible company's duty to take care of the environment and that's why it takes part in nature protection actions also inviting clients, cooperation partners and the rest of society to do the same.

"Teliko" Ltd. starts a test project in Brunei

20. March 2012 - Lighting

Latvian technology development and manufacturing company "Teliko" Ltd. starts intelligent street light control system's "Citylight.net" test project in the capital city of Brunei. (Read more)

Street light control system "Citylight.net" will be presented in the world’s largest lighting and architecture exhibition

17. March 2012 - Lighting

"Teliko" Ltd. will take part in world’s largest exhibition for lighting and architecture - "Light+Building" in Frankfurt from 15 to 20 April where Latvian electronics development and manufacturing company will present intelligent street lighting control system "Citylight.net". (Read more)

"Telemetrica" Ltd changes company's name to "Teliko" Ltd

16. March 2012 - Company

In relation to company's development plans further on  "Telemetrica" Ltd will be known as "Teliko" Ltd. The company will continue to provide qualitative telemetry solutions and ensure the services that have been provided till now.  Name change is a strategic decision to create a single brand for all products developed by “Teliko” Ltd. and to ease promotion of them in Latvian and international market. 

"Telemetrica" Ltd offers street lighting solutions for a lower price

14. March 2012 - Company

Company “Telemetrica” Ltd during the time of “Earth Hour” campaign reminds municipalities to take care of environment sustainability by lowering the price of the Remote street light monitoring and control system’s “Citylight.net” segment control device by 50%. (Read more)

“Telemetrica” Ltd launches the pilot project in the Karlstad, Sweden

23. February 2012 - Lighting

Company “Telemetrica” Ltd participated in the meeting with representatives from Swedish municipalities and company “LED tec”, after which it was decided to start Remote Street light monitoring and control system’s “Citylight.net” pilot project in Karlstad city. (Read more)

Representatives of "Telemetrica" Ltd have returned from meeting in Sweden

17. February 2012 - Lighting

Representatives of "Telemetrica" Ltd have returned from meeting in which were discussed cooperation opportunities with the Sweden municipalities. Meeting was held in Karlstad city and it was attended by representatives of local municipalities and other "Telemetrica" Ltd cooperation partners in Sweden. The local municipality representatives showed interest in "Citylight.net" intelligent street lighting solution because existing lighting infrastructure is difficult to overview, control and it is inefficiently using electricity. They mentioned that in some areas street lightning is switched on all night even if there is no traffic on streets, while in others - it is not switched on even at night time.
The first pilot project will be launched in Karlstad city next week.

“Telemetrica” Ltd developed control and monitoring system for Kuldiga city heating systems

14. February 2012 - Company

From this week Kuldiga cities’ heating systems will be monitored by a modern, specially designed telemetry system.
Kuldiga heating systems’ technical director Janis Keiss informs, that the main problem, which city faced until now, was that it was not easy to keep track of the heating systems’ condition. In Latvia developed system solves this problem. The system consists of telemetry devices and computer software. Devices are installed in all cities’ boiler houses. (Read more).

„Telemetrica” Ltd significantly expanding its manufacturing facility

07. February 2012 - Company

Company “Telemetrica” Ltd has significantly improved their manufacturing facility. Since the company launched a new international projects there was need to produce products in larger quantities and “Telemetrica” Ltd has bought new manufacturing equipment. “Pick and place” and “Lead free wave solder” devices will help to provide the necessary number of products in a short period of time.

„Telemetrica” Ltd launches a test Project in Brunei

05. February 2012 - Lighting

“Telemetrica” Ltd has started its work on street lighting “Citylight.net” test project in the South Asian country of Brunei. “Telemetrica” Ltd continues to conquer the Asian market, announcing “Citylight” as a high quality and attractive option in the global market. In the end of last year company representatives visited Brunei. Asian country expressed an interest, as the proposed “Citylight.net” street lighting solution, unlike other proposals, does not require replacement of existing lanterns. This helps to save resources and improve the lighting infrastructure.

With remote meter reading it is possible to avoid costumer billing mistakes

03. February 2012 - Telemetry in the world

When reading heat meters and entering data it is possible to make mistakes that affect the bills which costumers receive. Especially in winter raises the issue of whether costumers are billed for heat properly. In meter reading everywhere in the world and in Latvia becomes more and more popular telemetry solutions to eliminate these errors. (Read more)

„Citylight.net” enlightens the center area of the Latvian State Roads

31. January 2012 - Lighting

Latvian telemetry company “Telemetrica” Ltd successfully finished the cooperation project with the “Latvian State Roads” JSC in which was produced and delivered nearly one hundred Intelligent street lighting control systems which were installed in center region of Latvia. (Read more)

„Telemetrica” Ltd participates in „Sadales tikli” project

15. January 2012 - Grid monitoring

„Sadales tikli” JSC, a subsidiary of „Latvenergo” JSC continues in 2011 launched Project of overhead line equipping with power grid monitoring devices, thus providing a shorter period of electricity disconnection time and faster fault localization. The company „Telemetrica” participated in the Project with their products and expertise. The Project is currently being realized in North, central and southern regions and till 2013 system will be implemented throughout Latvia territory by installing 2 950 fault indicators.

“Telemetrica” power grid monitoring system helps to catch thieves

01. January 2012 - Grid monitoring

As approved the main Latvian power company JSC „Sadales tikli” Department deputy chief Janis Kreilis, thanks to the „Telemetrica” Ltd power grid monitoring system it was possible to capture the three groups of transformer thieves. If before these thefts happened four to six times every month, then after implementing the monitoring system, the thieves have not been able to do it even once.

„Fortum Jelgava” Ltd contest wins Metlink

01. January 2012 - Meter reading

The competition, organized by the leading Nordic district heating system operator "Fortum" Latvian representative, won the "Metlink". „Fortum Jelgava” Ltd found MetLink, proposed by „Telemetrica”, as the best remote heat meter reading system, indicating that it is a high quality and effective control solution.

„Telemetrica” Ltd took part in the second largest lighting exhibition in the world

13. June 2011 - Company

In the June of 2011 the company „Telemetrica” took part in the lighting exhibition in China in Guangzhou city (also known as Canton). This is the second largest industry exhibition in the world and the largest exhibition in Asia. The exhibition was attended by representatives from 30 countries and regions.
“Telemetrica” Ltd presented LED street lighting remote control solution with success and gained interest from visitors and participants. “Telemetrica” Ltd got a lot of new contacts, mainly from LED lighting manufacturers who are interested in cooperation with “Citylight.net”. In the 2012 “Telemetrica” Ltd intends to participate in the world’s leading architecture and technology exhibition “Light+Building”, which will take place in Frankfurt from 15th to 20th April.

„Telemetrica” Ltd participates in the Earth Hour campaign

01. April 2011 - Company

In the interests of environmental sustainability, “Telemetrica” Ltd in the March of 2011, participated in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), organized "Earth Hour" event. The company has developed a special “Citylight.net” feature which allows intelligent street lighting users to automatically switch off the lights on selected streets. “Earth Hour” is an international event in which the participants are asked to turn off lights for one hour on last Saturday of March, in this way raising the awareness of climate change and the need to think about the wise use of resources.

New co-operation partner in Egypt

01. January 2011 - Company

In October 2010 the delegation from “Telemetrica” visited Egypt and made cooperation agreement with local company in Cairo. Government of Egypt is interested in reducing energy consumption in the country, so it was opened for co-operation and perceived offer with interest. “Telemetrica” Ltd is geographically expanding its Business fields now including North Africa countries.

„Telemetrica” Ltd product “Citylight.net” gained recognition as an innovative product in “Export and Innovation Award 2010” contest

01. January 2011 - Lighting

In December of 2010 “Investment and Development Agency of Latvia” (LIAA) had contest “Export and Innovation Award 2010” and announced remote control street lighting system “Citylight.net”, developed by “Telemetrica” Ltd, as one of the most innovative products. Contest held by LIAA aims to pay tribute and to honor the Latvian businessmen, who have achieved good results in business, are creating new export products and provide the local market with high-quality products.
The contest went in several rounds and the product “Citylight.net”, despite the fierce competition, came to closing round, in which gained a  “Certificate of Recognition”.

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