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C-NODE is a lamp monitoring and control device that is installed in pole or in lamp. This device allows controlling each individual lantern by switching it on/off or changing the light intensity. C-NODE can detect lamp burnout or dead condenser.

Lamp control

Depending on the lamp and ballast type C-NODE is able to turn lamp on/off or reduce the intensity of light.
C-NODE can control different types of lamps:
  • 0 – 10V
  • DALI
  • Two-phase ballasts

Determine problems in lamp

C-NODE measures power consumption and reactive power. In this way it is possible to determine bulb burnout or reactive power compensation capacitor burnout.

Powerline communication

All commands to the C-NODE and warnings from C-NODE to C-BOX are sent over existing electrical cables which means that there is no need to make costly changes to existing infrastructure.
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