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„Citylight.net” software

With “Citylight.net” software it is possible to provide the remote control of lightning easily and qualitatively, regardless of city size or the number of lanterns. The software provides automatic monitoring of city’s lighting condition for each control device in online mode. System encryption provides a high level of data security.

Control panel

„Citylight.net” control panel is a remote street lighting central control console. It provides easily understandable information on all street lighting lines, review of lighting situation and summary of warnings.


The software offers both pre-made programs (such as lighting turning on/off) and flexible solutions that can be adapted to a particular region or city.


“Citylight.net” software offers different kind of reports that can be selected depending on time periods. Also device monitoring is done and reports on energy consumption and working hours is done.


Alerts are displayed in the system and sent to the user via SMS or e-mail. “Citylight.net” warns about:
  • Power breakdown in distribution cabinet
  • Communication interruptions
  • Lighting turning on/off in wrong time
  • Lamp burnout

Detailed view

The software provides detailed information on each lighting line, each separate lamp (if C-Node is installed), settings and the measurements taken. Also user has an opportunity to make and supplement material and work records.

Interactive map

The software has been integrated into Google Maps, which offers a convenient review of the entire infrastructure and each object on the map.
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