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C-BOX is a street lighting monitoring and control device that provides automatic street lighting line turning on/off by „Citylight.net” programs. C-Box is measuring and sending data to the server about electricity consumption on each separate line, current leakage and lighting system condition. Also device is able to read the meter measurements and record the cabinet door opening.

Easy to install

C-BOX is the main telemetry device that provides the functioning of the „Citylight.net” system. This lighting control unit can be installed on any power cabinet in 15 minutes.

Ensure the accuracy

Thanks to the precisely calculated astronomical sunrise and sunset times it is possible to provide accurate lantern on/off switching time, thereby saving energy and money.

Independent management of each separate line

An independent on/off switching program can be installed on each line, allowing at the late night hours, when there are less people on the streets, to turn off individual lines or reduce lighting intensity.


C-BOX, by using GSM data transmission method, communicates with „Citylight.net” server that executes user commands (such as lighting switching on/off). Built-in Powerline and Zigbee, with intelligent communication topology, receives data from each separate lantern and is able to synchronize the user’s commands for all lighting system at the same time, even if the C-BOX and the lights are separated by a large distance.


The device also works as a defense system against vandalism, as it is able to notify the user of the unauthorized distribution cabinet door opening.

Energy metering

In C-BOX set included power transformers allows to measure current in each outgoing line and determine the power fluctuations, thus making easier to find in which line lamps are burned out and to see energy consumptions in each separate line.

Measurement reading

Serial interface and pulse input allows connecting the C-BOX with most electric meters and read measurements.
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