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The precise on/off turning time

“Citylight.net” provides lighting functioning according to the mathematically calculated geographical coordinates corresponding to the solar cycle. This means that regardless of the geographical location, the lighting throughout the year will be used effectively.

Each line control

„Citylight.net” provides control over each individual lighting power line. At the late night hours, when there is less people and car traffic on the streets, it is possible to save up to 20% by switching off separate lines and thus excluding individual lamps.

Light intensity reduction

By choosing other „Citylight.net” proposed street light management way – separate lantern control (C-NODE), it will be possible to change the light intensity and thus save up to 40% of annual costs.

Determination of light bulb burnout

With „Citylight.net” light bulb burnout checking is simpler and more efficient. There is no longer need to inspect the entire infrastructure to detect lamp burnouts. A defect can be obtained from the line power consumption reports or by using C-NODE, to find out exactly which lantern has burned out.

Fast determination of reactive power compensation capacitor burnout

During the current flow measurements with „Citylight.net”, it will be possible to detect reactive power compensation capacitor burnout very quickly, thus hastening the process of replacement and helping to avoid the further cost increase.

There is no need for timer re-regulation

Unlike the street lighting that uses a timer, „Citylight.net” lantern turning on/off time can be changed remotely, which means that there is no longer need to inspect all timers to change on/off turning times, it can be done through the web application.

Reduced inventory time

“Citylight.net” automatically prepares reports on the infrastructure operations, presenting information in graphics and tables. This saves time and facilitates the process of inventory.

Damage warning and alerts

With “Citylight.net” system it will be possible to get quickly information about the damage and prevent it, and thus to improve the provision of lighting. There will be no need for increased surveillance because “Citylight.net” will immediately notify user about lighting problems by sending SMS or e-mail.

Determination of electricity leakage

“Citylight.net” will give the information to the user about the damage in cables, which will help to eliminate the shortcomings encountered in infrastructure and improve lighting quality.

Reports and Graphs

By using simple „Citylight.net” reports and graphs, user will be able to assess the situation, make a better decision and control lighting more effectively.

Data security guarantee

„Citylight.net” guarantees data security, since access to the system occurs using encrypted data channel according with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data security over the internet. Data is received through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel.

Environmental care

Using „Citylight.net” throughout the city it will be able to decrease CO2 emissions by 10% per year and take care of sustainable development of environment.
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