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About Teliko

“Teliko” Ltd has been established in 2009. and works in areas of technology development, programming, engineering and manufacturing. Company specializes in creating, developing and manufacturing remote energy meter reading devices, intelligent street lighting management and power grid management solutions. Due to the highly qualified engineers and modern infrastructure, “Teliko” can offer high-quality modern products at affordable prices for our clients.

“Teliko” Ltd successfully cooperates at the international level and is able to offer competitive products in the global market. The company collaborates with costumers in Denmark, China, Egypt, Latvia and other countries. teliko office


In 2011 company started manufacturing in their own production facilities, thereby it is possible to considerably increase the production capacity and carry out a careful and reliable quality control, as well as to provide a faster production preparation. teliko manufacturing

Research and development

“Teliko” Ltd is developing its own unique output using knowledge and skills of experienced engineers. At the present time, the company offers three main products. One of them is an intelligent street light system “Citylight”, which helps to monitor and control electricity consumption. The product has achived success in the International Lighting Exhibition and is recognized as an innovative Latvian export product of the year 2010. the second product is “Metlink” – a device that is able to read energy meter measurements remotely and transmit them applying various data transfer methods. And the last product is power grid monitoring system. teliko research

Company goals

The company is interested in operating both in Latvia and in other countries, as well as to expand the cooperation with international clients.
“Teliko” deals with the current technology development and supports new technology creation and production. At the moment, the company is improving the manufacturing process, which will allow increasing of manufacturing capacity and accelerating customer service.
“Teliko” Ltd is a green-minded company that helps costumers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The company participates in international events devoted to the environment protection and the rational use of resources, “Earth hour”, for example. One of the company’s main goals is to promote sustainable development of environment. teliko goals
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